Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Spring & seasonal change

Paris in July 2017 has been and is now behind us for this year.... its time my blog changes direction for spring... I now focus on my garden and growing things, creating a new season ambiance here at Thyme-for-tea.  

I do love July and my month long focus on Paris & France, things french, and sharing that time with many long  time blogging friends, and new ones..

But here in Australia we are on the verge of a new spring.  This is a real time of celebration for me. I love the new life that springs up around me. 

What does the changing of season mean to you? 

Last Sunday afternoon walk... 
Treated to a reminder of the amazingness of this creation! 


Jeanie said...

A rainbow! OH! I've been waiting all summer to see one. I'm a bit envious you are starting summer as ours is on the wane. I love this time of year!

Jason Borne said...
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Mae Travels said...

Hi Tamara,
I was too busy in July and didn't finish all the Paris books I had been thinking about, but I have read them now. I thought you might want to check my review of them:

I hope your spring continues to be beautiful! Our leaves are just barely starting to go red and gold.

best... mae